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Laura Adler Laura Adler from Burbank wrote on August 27, 2017 at 7:27 am:
Posting here what I posted on FB for posterity! As with so many of my friends, as well as my husband, we met online - with us it was in a breast cancer support group. We were diagnosed within months of each other and sharing our journey together was so integral in our recoveries. Getting to know each other at first in the ether, trading bc war stories and messages of support, we were happy to discover we lived minutes apart. Meeting in person was awesome as your warm embrace and spectacular smile only added to our bond. You asked your friends a few weeks ago to share our most memorable time with you and mine, thankfully, had nothing to do with cancer. I wrote of election night 2008. I finally got to meet the great guy you had been telling me about and I knew instantly he was the one. What I didn't say is that not only was that night my most memorable time with you, but it was probably one of the top 5 nights of my life - such absolute joy, hope and love we shared that evening. I am so happy I get to keep that memory with me forever. The crushing grief of these past few weeks when hope started to fade culminating in your leaving us today will hopefully fade and be replaced with these happier memories of the past. I love you Jean. This really really sucks. You deserved so much more time. You are one of the good ones. Thank you Sean for giving Jean what she so richly deserved - a life full of such enduring love. A lot of guys would have shied away from getting involved with a woman with cancer - but she was way more than that and I thank you for seeing that and going for it. I am so profoundly sorry you didn't have more time together. But what you had was golden. Love love love you both. And #fuckcancer